Attending a Funeral

When attending a funeral, it is best to stick to certain funeral etiquettes. If you haven’t been to a funeral before, it can be a daunting prospect. Being prepared for funeral services and knowing what to expect will make it easier.

Our guides on knowing what to wear and say will ease the process and help you plan during what is already a difficult time.

A guide to what happens at a funeral

A funeral is a very personal service and will usually reflect the wishes of your loved one. Some people will make funeral plans before they die, or if the death was unexpected, the bereaved families choose how they would like to say goodbye to their loved one.

What to wear to a funeral

If you have never attended a funeral before, deciding what to wear can be difficult. Black is considered the most popular funeral attire in Western cultures, though with the increase in less traditional services a celebration of life is becoming more popular in the UK, therefore a more informal outfit, possibly brightly coloured is better suited to the occasion.

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