Heavenly poetry

Nick Whittle, Branch Development Manager – South London Region has discovered he has a hidden talent…..writing poetry!

Nick said: “I used to read Dr Seuss poems to my children who loved the tempo and the rhymes. Although on the face of it there was a ‘nonsense’ element to the verses there was often an underlying inspiring theme or a lesson against bullying, prejudice or loss. I look back fondly at these times and decided that I would write a poem that would have similar ‘between the lines’ qualities but in relation to the death of a loved one.”

The theme of the poem is essentially the parallel of a person’s death with the evaporation of a drop of water, the title being inspired by the molecular formula of water, ‘H2O’.

Here are a couple of verses taken from his poem ‘Haquarious Twoo’,

…Next morning up woke the Drips and Drops
And they searched for their Lucy with her pickles and ‘tots
But they knew soon enough that she’d floated away
And a great deal of sadness took hold that day.

Though the story, I fear, is almost at an end
There are lessons to learn of Lucy’s ascend
There are thoughts to be thunk and comfort to be had
That’ll carry you through each day that is bad.

So listen though you are sad and your crying gets loud,
A whisper will come from a huge woolly cloud
And you’ll see, if you look up, the crowd you once knew
With their smiles still wide and still loving you.

The editor of Funeral Service Journal has expressed an interest in publishing the full version in the next edition so it looks like Nick’s talent may not remain a secret for much longer!