Choice from Funeral Partners

choice-banner-bgThese are exciting times at Funeral Partners with the new brand and website really helping to get the message out that we are an organisation that is able to draw on the past and innovate for the future.

One major new initiative is the Choice funeral plan that we will be launching in the next few weeks. We believe that Choice has a number of features that make it unique and it will allow us to offer our clients a plan that has been created from scratch. As we all know, many of our clients are confused by funeral plans; if they have looked at other companies’ plans, they often find them complex, with too much small print and that is to say nothing of the high pressure techniques that some companies use. That is not the way we work, so we have designed our plan differently.

As Phillip Greenfield said: “We’ve called our plan Choice, because every funeral is different. Choice is clear and it allows us to create a funeral that suits each person and their family.”

You are going to be hearing a lot more about Choice in the next few weeks. The plans are likely to attract a lot of attention both locally and nationally. We will be organising training for all branches but in the meanwhile if you have any questions your regional development team will be able to help.

Key features of Choice include:

Choice is clear – we do not need clients to decide on everything straight away; we are happy for them to add to their plan whenever they like.
Choice is good value – we have kept costs down and offer maximum flexibility so that clients can pay what they can afford.
Choice is unique – we offer a discount on the price of additional services that clients choose and we have negotiated exclusive arrangements with partners to reduce the cost of legal services and memorials for clients.
Choice is secure – we know the team at Ecclesiastical Insurance well, they already provide the security for Perfect Choice, and they will also manage the insurance for Choice from Funeral Partners.
Choice brings extra support – we have arranged a dedicated bereavement support line to offer clients advice. You can read more about the helpline below.
Choice keeps people informed – we will write to clients every year and make sure that they understand what the plan provides.
Choice makes it easy to be green – we offer a ‘Green Choice’ for every plan.
Choice is UK-wide – if a client moves home the plan will move too.