Hastings Old Town Carnival Week 2019

Hastings Old Town Carnival Week is a week-long spectacle of exciting events from Pram Racing to Treasure Trails, Open Houses to Walking Tours, Art Shows, Historical Talks, Live Music, Street Parties, all culminating in a Grand Carnival Procession.

This year’s event took place between 3rd and 11th August and Banfield and Pomphrey’s very own Funeral Director Tony Hart entered into the Pram Race. Tony was part of a team made up by Section 5 Drummers  This year 60 teams took part with nearly 600 participants who design and make various ‘prams’, which can be anything on wheels that can be pushed around the town. The race is considered a major fund raiser and event during Carnival Week.

Entrants have to visit all the pubs in the Old Town where they are asked various questions. Incorrect answers result in forfeits such as apple bobbing so participants need to have their quiz brain in gear.

There are prizes for the fastest around the circuit and the most money collected. Team Banfield & Pomphrey raised just nearly £300  and the grand total collected was just over £6000