Children’s chapel brightened for families

A year has passed since G W Turner Funeral Directors decided to redecorate their children’s chapel, to make it a more comforting place for families to visit.

Transformed from its former plain, traditional setting, the new chapel features bright colours, and familiar Disney characters.

Following the renovation, the chapel was rechristened the Philomena Chapel after Saint Philomena, the patron saint of infants, babies and youth, and was blessed in a ceremony on 23rd August 2016.

G W Turner invited all the staff from St Mary’s and Royal Manchester Hospitals to see the new interior with priests from St Mary’s Hospital saying what a lovely place the chapel is for the families they recommend us to.

Funeral Arranger Stacey Booth says: “I came up with the initiative to rejuvenate our chapel so that the families who visit it can experience a sense of comfort the moment they step inside. It has been a joy to hear parents tell me how beautiful the chapel has become.”

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