Calling all doggy donations

Elizabeth Armstrong, Henry Ison & Son’s Funeral Arranger, is collecting donations for the Dogs Trust in Kenilworth.

The scheme began in July 2017 and, in its first three weeks, the large donation box was overflowing with blankets, dog food, treats, bedding, toys, leads and feeding bowls.

Elizabeth also dedicated the branch’s window space to the Dogs Trust to help raise awareness of the many dogs that the Trust has up for adoption, using pictures and descriptions of each rescue dog.

She said: “I have had a constant flow of people stopping to take a look and many people have taken photos of the dogs they may be interested in, so I hope that, thanks to our raising awareness, some have been or are beginning to be re-homed.
“The more we can give to the Dogs Trust the better; we are still collecting donations of anything doggy related.
“Whilst I am at my desk I have heard so many positive comments about the display from passers-by and the amount of lovely people who have popped in to the branch to donate is simply heart-warming.”