What does a funeral arranger do?

Arranging a funeral by yourself can be exhausting but working with a funeral arranger can help. In this guide we unpack the responsibilities of a funeral arranger and how they can help you with the planning of a funeral service.

What is a funeral arranger and what do they do?

A funeral arranger will often be the first point of contact for family members who have just lost a loved one, and so they are responsible for understanding their needs and offering support and advice. Funeral arrangers will work closely with funeral directors to establish a plan for the funeral, all whilst managing housekeeping duties and ensuring health and safety procedures are carried out correctly in funeral homes. It is also their role to work within the local community on charity and fund-raising tasks.

How will a funeral arranger assist me with planning a funeral?

It is the job of a funeral arranger to listen to the bereaved and respond to their needs with information and advice that will help them make well informed decisions. Under the guidance of a funeral director, a funeral arranger will liaise with third parties to plan floral tributes, catering, and transport arrangements according to the client’s needs.

What role will they play on the day of the funeral?

The funeral arranger will be present for the entire funeral service, from travelling in the hearse to looking after you and your family at the church, crematorium, or cemetery. They’ll oversee the funeral from start to finish and ensure that all of the requests made by your loved one and their family members, are carried out accordingly.

How will a funeral arranger support me and my family?

From the initial point of contact to the day of the funeral and beyond, it is the role as a funeral arranger to be there for the family. They love what they do because they have a genuine desire to help, so you can take comfort in knowing compassionate support is always available for you and your family. Much like funeral directors, a funeral arranger will be on call 24 hours a day should you or your family need any assistance because after all, it’s their job to make things easier for you.

What requests can I make of a funeral arranger?

A funeral arranger will accommodate your requests as best as possible and will always honour your loved ones wishes. Requests are not restricted but often include the day and time of the funeral service, the transportation for family members, the wake and order of service, flower arrangements, catering, coffins, and headstones. It is important to note that requests don’t have to be limited to the planning of the funeral. Your funeral arranger is there to receive your requests during and after the service and provide additional support should you or your family need it.

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