Weekly Community Roundup – 27th November 2020

Light a Light at Christmas

This year the team at Firmager Funeral Service are supporting the Pilgrims Hospices through their virtual Christmas Memorial tree page. Please dedicate a message and photo in memory of your loved one. Visit the dedication page using the link below.


Blankets for the Homeless

A packet of crisps takes mere minutes to devour but the packaging can take up to eight decades to decompose.

Loraine Charter Branch Development Manager for East London has teamed up with Homeless Action in Barnet to help homeless people in Barnet by making Blankets made from recycled crisp packets.

Loraine said: “The blankets are like the foil ones that get handed to marathon runners after a race.     I thought these would help homeless people shelter from the cold as much as possible and it saves putting the crisp packets into land fill.”

For anyone who would like to contribute please post your empty crisp packets to MM Broad Funeral Directors, Laurel House, 12 Woodside Ln, London N12 8RG.

Warming up the Homeless

Our very talented Funeral Arranger, Jane Searston, from Douglas Mecer & Son Funeral Directors has written a poem dedicated to helping the homeless. Jane is supporting local charity Warming up the Homeless which helps people without a home, one meal, hot drink or change of clothes at a time. You can help by donating money, clothes, food, or your time.

Call 07367 060708 or Visit: https://wuth.org/

A Little Hope

In these times of uncertainty, please know that you’re not alone
You can reach out to someone, talk, text, email, write or phone
There is no such thing as strangers as they’re friends, we’ve not yet met
A nod of the head, a friendly wave can change a lonely person’s mind set

The masks we wear can hide our face but not the smile in our eyes
Our personalities might disappear, but love and care you cannot disguise
Always remember there is someone that is worse off than you
And to them tomorrow is just another day, it is nothing new

If you see someone begging, out of pure despair
If you have nothing to give, acknowledge them, please don’t stand and stare
We celebrate Christmas without a second thought
But the survivors on the streets have nothing, no presents bought

This year if you can, have a rummage and see what you can give
To someone out there, allow them hope, a reason to live
It’s a feeling like no other to put a smile on a sad, lonely face
And know that someday it could be you, taking their place