Supporting the vulnerable with meals and clean clothes

Ashdown Funeral Service in Belvedere and Sidcup, Kent, gathered impressive donations from local Funeral Partners branches for a local charity for the vulnerable.

Funeral Arrangers Kelly Smith and Clare Cornwall received clothes, toiletries and food from Pinks Funeral Directors and other branches in the south east for Woolwich Service User Project (WSUP). The pair also contributed two cars full of their own donations and those of family and friends.

Kelly and Clare then volunteered at the charity’s two-day-a-week shelter, which saw people from all walks of life get a clean change of clothes, meals and support.

Kelly said: “The centre only has two washing machines and has to facilitate washing clothes for a large amount of people, which means that some were turned down. Clare and I will be holding a quiz night to raise money for WSUP so they can get a new machine. The support from our local community was amazing and everyone really came together. We will be doing this again.”