Racing for life

Funeral Arranger/Administrator Cheryl Cox from Doves in Sevenoaks took part in the Maidstone Mote Park Race for Life to raise funds for Cancer Research UK.

After signing up for the race back in April, Cheryl and her sister-in-law Becky started their training for the 10 kilometre run where they began with hour-long runs, which increased closer to the race day, and made sure they went for long walks at least five times a week.

Cheryl finished the 10 kilometres alongside Becky in 1 hour and 30 minutes on one of the hottest days of the year and managed to raise £300.

She said: “I took part in Race for Life because, working for Doves, I come across many families whose lives have been devastated by cancer including my own family members, and for that reason I wanted to raise money to support a great cause.

“It has also spurred me on to raise even more money for other charities as I felt such pride being part of this and I will definitely be applying to run again next year.”