Levi’s Star

The team at Wakefield are proud to be supporting a local Yorkshire charity called Levi’s Star.

Levi’s Star became a registered charity in 2008 and is an organisation dedicated to supporting children and young people across Yorkshire who have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Support is given in a variety of ways and includes but is not limited to, offering grants to children with brain tumours and offering support to children and young adults living with the effects of a brain tumour during and after treatment.

The charity came to the attention of the branch when they were looking for a local good cause to support where for every funeral plan taken out a donation would be made. Subsequently, a donation of £250 was made to Levi’s Star to support them to continue their vital work for the local community.

Funeral Arranger Joan Wain has continued to work with the charity and knitted Easter baskets for the children in her own time.

To find out more about the work of Levi’s Star visit their website http://www.levisstar.co.uk/