Knit & Natter, Food Bank and Art Class

Funeral Director Pauline Dawson and Funeral Arranger Gemma Kennedy have been involved in organising new services as part of the Middleton Lighthouse Project charity.

There will be a food bank at the Middleton Arndale Centre where the ladies will be arranging collections of food and help with the distribution.

Gemma recently competed in the centre’s art competition and donated paintbrushes and other artist tools to the centre to help ensure their art class continues to run.

They are also helping to collect knitting yarns to donate to the centre’s ‘The Knit & Natter’ where ladies knit for baby charities and hospitals.

As part of the ‘Knit & Natter’ group, Pauline has organised a new knitting project called ‘Knitted Knockers’ where the group knit soft cotton prosthetic breasts as an alternative to the silicone option.

Area Development Manager Angela Worrall and Diary Manager David Cowan donated £40 to Pauline to buy the soft cotton yarn, which will knit about 30 ‘knockers’.

Pauline said: “We are proud to be helping the Lighthouse Project as much as we can, at the moment we are concentrating on the Knit & Natter, Art Class and Food Bank but are working on how we can get involved even more in the future.

“The response has been extremely positive towards the ‘Knitted Knockers’ project, as the ladies who use them find the knitted prosthetic breasts much more comfortable than the silicone ones, especially when there is scaring or radiation burns.

“It is a wonderful feeling knowing you are able to give something back to ladies who have gone through so much, and I hope we can continue the project long into the future.”