Helmet Appeal Goes Global

The Raymond Massey Motorcycle Helmet Appeal has reached worldwide audiences. Following a feature in the Motorcycle News, whose website reaches audiences all over the world, Arai Helmet Europe a large helmet manufacturer from Japan, contacted Funeral Director Sam Massey with an offer of help. Before long a box of over twenty factory seconds and training helmets had arrived at the branch via courier.

It wasn’t long before TranAm, one of the UK’s largest suppliers of motorcycle helmets got in touch with a similar offer of factory seconds, and demo helmets.

Italian motorcycle helmet and protective clothing manufacturer Dainese UK’s flagship D-Store in Manchester requested flyers and now add one to every new helmet box offering a discount to customers who bring in their old helmet for the collection. It is anticipated that this will roll out to other stores nationally.

To date over 130 helmets have already been donated to Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service who have invited appeal organiser Sam Massey to spend a day at their Trauma Training Unit to take part in a training day to see how the helmets are being used in practical training exercises that will benefit members of the community.

Funeral Director Sam Massey said: “ I am over the moon with the response we have received from local people and large organisations alike. I hope we can continue in a similar fashion and continue to provide valuable resources to aid the training of our first- responders”.