Happy Hunting- window wows the town!

Our Funeral Arranger Helen Osment may have a new calling if her latest window display is anything to go by.

This stunning Harvest Festival window was designed around the theme of a  ‘Little Creatures’ bug hunt with local children being invited to spot the 8 creatures hiding in the window to win a prize.

With cascading fruit and tumbling leaves this display leaves passers-by in no doubt as to what time of year it is. If you could encapsulate everything that’s glorious about the season, Helen has managed to achieve it.

It’s not only local school children who are enthralled by the display, locals have been mistaking the funeral home on Lyndhurst High Street for a Greengrocers and popping in for some fruit and veg! It’s certainly getting conversations started and hopefully will inform the community of how seriously we take community activity and giving back.

Helen has already started making a dress for a Remembrance Day window and cascading poppies with gypsophila. Watch this space for November.