Fundraising for St Matthew’s Church at Summer Fare

G W Turner’s fundraising Funeral Arranger Stacey Booth and Funeral Service Operative Dale Anderson attended St Matthew’s Summer Fare to raise funds for St Matthew’s Church in Edgeley.

A limousine was filled with 113 Choice branded balloons and fare goers were asked to guess how many they thought were in the vehicle.

The individual who guessed the correct number of balloons, very kindly donated their winnings to the church.

The team also donated an impressive, star prize hamper to the raffle, which was full of food goodies.

Stacey said: “It was great to see people getting involved and I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were just coming over to ask for more information about the Choice funeral plans offered by our branch.

“The fare was brilliant and as a branch, we will continue to raise more money for local organisations whenever possible.”