Companion Pets for Dementia Care Home

Funeral Arranger Donna Forrester recently visited Bridgewood Care Home where she donated some animal companions to the residents.

These Dementia friendly therapy pets promote calmness and tranquillity and for those who were previously pet owners they can help to stimulate positive memories.  There are many benefits to owning a companion pet and one gentleman was so taken with his that it has taken pride of place with him in his room.

Each puppy comes with an adoption certificate and a carry box and their look and feel provides tactile stimulation with soft realistic fur and a weight similar to that of a real puppy.

Donna said:’ I first came across the pets when I arranged a funeral service for a gentleman who had Dementia, his family brought one in to go into his coffin. Someone had bought it for him a few years ago and his family said it was one of the best gifts he had ever received and brought him great comfort.’

Harrison Funeral Home have been working closely with Bridgewood Care Home organising and supporting activities for the residents. Hopefully the latest additions to Bridgewood will continue to provide comfort and companionship for many years  to come.