Bereavement Support Group

Losing someone we love is something most of us will have to go through at some point in our lives. Each of our experiences is totally different and personal to us. But knowing how other people have dealt with it can be very helpful.

Although we all find our own ways of coping with the sadness of bereavement. Emotional support can come from a variety of different people at different times. In many forms, sometimes the best support can be someone’s practical help, a friendly gesture or just someone being there to listen.

On 24 July at St Marys Church Hall in Stanley, Funeral Arrangers Lorraine Wormley and Liz Sargent hosted their bi-annual support group for bereaved families to meet others who have experienced loss.

The group provided some unexpected reunions for some who bumped into old school friends and others who had lost touch found their way back together through attending the group.

Lorraine said: “We had families that have lost their loved one from two years ago to just recently, so they are at all different stages of the grieving process. It was lovely to see people turn up, even though it was on the day of the hottest temperature recorded in the UK.”

Father Dane Bately Gladden came in to talk to the families and offer support.

A special thank you must go Ann and Linda for baking the cakes and serving refreshments throughout.

For more details contact Lorraine or Liz at Doves Swanley 01322 669 000 or call in to 35 Station Road, BR8 8ES