Repatriation from the UK

When someone passes away in the UK, the process of repatriating someone to another country can be a complicated task for anyone to deal with.

Our Funeral Arrangers understand that it may take several days to make a decision whether or not to send the person back home for burial. You may have to wait for family discussions and meetings to take place, or obtain instructions from relatives abroad, before you are able to make the necessary arrangements.

The Funeral Partners network includes specialists with years of repatriation and funeral arrangement experience, that take the worry and unnecessary complications out of your hands. We are able to offer a full service as our experience covers dealing with international customs, documentation, permits, transport and regulations in accordance with local requirements.

What to do First

Our first priority is to attend to the proper care of the deceased in order to allow you time to make the necessary decisions concerning the repatriation. As soon as possible, we need permission to collect the deceased from the place of death. Once in our care, and with your permission, we can carry out embalming of the deceased for repatriation.

After embalming, we will ensure the deceased is cared for in a special climate-controlled environment. We are able to hold the deceased for a reasonable length of time, without any additional cost, to allow you to make all of the necessary arrangements.

Legalities and Certificates

Once you have provided us with a copy of the Death Certificate, we handle the preparation of all other documentation required to repatriate the deceased by air transport. All of the original documentation must accompany the coffin/casket and is inspected by officials in the destination country in order to clear through customs.

Where necessary, we will obtain Embassy or Consular authority for the repatriation and ensure the completion of the necessary documentation, inspections and seals. Regulations differ from country to country and we can advise you on specific requirements for the required destination.

We offer translation services for official documents, i.e. death certificates, invoices & reports. We alleviate any language problems often associated with probate when death occurs abroad.

Care of the Deceased (Washing and Dressing)

At some of our funeral homes, a special room for the family and friends to attend to the final washing and dressing of their loved one may be available, if required. This is to enable the family and friends to wash and dress the deceased in accordance with their religious or ethnic customs.

Funeral Service in the UK Prior to Repatriation

We are able to assist in arranging for a funeral or memorial service in the UK prior to the repatriation. Many families will have their own church or venue. Please ask our funeral homes for an estimate if you would like them to help in arranging for a suitable church or other venue, together with an officiant of the proper denomination or religion, organist, etc.


Depending upon current conditions and seasonal factors, we will recommend the airline currently offering the most reliable service. You are course free to suggest the use of another airline. We will manage freight booking services and airway bill.

Coffin and Casket Selection

We have a wide range of coffins and caskets to choose from, many designed especially for international repatriation that conform to international shipping regulations.

All of our Metal American-Style Caskets are hermetically sealing and are suitable for international repatriation. They may be re-opened at the destination location and may also be used for burial in the destination country, local cemetery regulations permitting. Wooden coffins must be zinc lined for them to be hermetically sealed for repatriation.

We have a range of cremated remains urns suitable for international transit, including zinc lining of traditional wooden urns.

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