Create Lasting Memories: Unique and Personalised Funerals

It can be extremely difficult to think about a funeral after losing a loved one, so it’s important to remember that funerals can be a celebration of life, not just a time of mourning.

Traditional funerals remain a popular choice, but more people are opting for something different; a service that’s personalised and celebrates their loved one and the life they led.

We’ve compiled a funeral guide on ways you can personalise a funeral and add unique touches to make your loved ones sendoff, one to remember.

Recite a poem

Writing your own poem to recite at your loved one’s funeral is a very personal and touching way to say goodbye. Memorial poems can transport those listening to a time when your loved one was at their happiest. The words may resonate with family and friends and stay with them forever, making it a memorable part of the service. You can also take pre-existing funeral poems and deliver them during the service as a tribute to your loved one.

Play a meaningful song

Funeral songs don’t have to be sad or chosen from a hymn book. Instead, you can choose music that celebrates your loved one’s life and personality. You could select a few of their favourite songs to play during the service or play a song that was meaningful to both of you and captures your loved one perfectly.

By carefully selecting your funeral music you can spread joy and positivity at a sad occasion. However, try to avoid songs that could be insensitive or cause offence. Funny funeral songs may seem like a good idea, however not everyone attending the funeral may share your sense of humour, it could cause an uncomfortable atmosphere.

If you’re arranging a funeral for a parent, you may want to pick a song that encompasses your relationship. There are lots of beautiful funeral songs for mum that do a great job at capturing what a mother-daughter relationship means. Browsing online is a great way to get some ideas if you’re unsure where to begin and offers lots of unique options suitable for a personalised funeral. The same goes for funeral songs for dad, so you’re never without choice should you need inspiration.

Arrange a unique flower display

Choosing a unique funeral flower arrangement is a great way to personalise your loved one’s service. They are often used to celebrate their hobbies or passions and have the power to uplift the mood of the ceremony by capturing their pleasures in life. From shape, colour, letter displays and novelty arrangements; we have several unique options available.

Our floral arrangements can spell out the name of your loved one or be in the shape of a heart or cross; whatever ideas you may have, please feel free to let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your special requests.

If you’d like to get creative, you could even bring flowers from your family garden and incorporate them into the floral arrangement or make a separate floral letter which can be placed on the hearse. A personal touch could also include placing your own flowers on the coffin.

Opt for meaningful funeral attire

Formal black attire tends to be the dress code for most funerals, but this isn’t exactly unique or personal and it certainly isn’t compulsory. So why not ask your guests to wear anything but black?

Encouraging those who are attending to replace their usual funeral clothes with something more colourful is a great way to add personal touch. You could suggest they wear their favourite colour to brighten up the ceremony or ask those invited to wear an item of clothing or accessory in your loved one’s favourite colour. It’s a subtle change but could uplift the entire service and make it that extra bit special.

Create your own coffin design

Coffins don’t have to be limited to plain polished wood, maroon or black. Instead, they can be colourful and creative pieces of art. All our funeral directors offer the Reflections range of coffins that feature personalised design services where you can individually create the piece of art that will appear on the coffin. From specific images to intricate designs, you can create a coffin that is truly personal. It is also possible to personalise the interior of your coffin including the fabric and design, which compliments the exterior and helps provide a memorable send-off for your loved one.

Choose your own transport

Hearses, funeral cars and limousines are the traditional choice for transportation at a funeral. But for those wanting to create a more memorable and personal event, you may be looking to choose alternative transport. From campervans and motorbikes to a tractor and horse-drawn carriage, there are plenty of bespoke options available to reflect the interests and personality of your loved one.

For assistance planning a unique personalised funeral, get in touch with your local funeral directors today.

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