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Following the death of a friend or family member, you may be interested in planning an environmentally friendly funeral for your loved one. Our funeral services include: organising a green funeral, arranging a woodland burial, and finding an eco-friendly funeral casket or coffin.

We offer green eco-friendly funerals and woodland burial services.

As more people become aware of their environmental impact and carbon footprint, there has been an increase in eco-friendly funerals. Our funeral homes can help you organise a green or woodland burial for a loved one.


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What is a woodland burial?

A woodland burial, also referred to as a green burial or natural burial, is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional funeral or cremation. They usually occur in rural locations such as wooded areas, forests or meadows – not traditional cemeteries – and offer a picturesque final resting place for your loved one.
Unlike a traditional funeral, woodland burials consider the environmental impacts of laying someone to rest in the ground and focus on making a small or non-existent carbon footprint.

Why do people choose a woodland burial?

This style of funeral usually appeals to people who liked to be close to nature. Or those who cared about the environment and wanted to protect the planet even after their death.
Additionally, a woodland burial appeals to the friends and family. The idea of laying a loved one to rest amongst nature, surrounded by trees, flowers and wildlife is becoming increasingly popular.
If this is an option you are considering, your local funeral director will help you find a natural burial ground to suit you.

What is considered a green burial or eco funeral?

Nowadays, as people think more about their lasting impact on the environment, a commonly asked question is: what is the most environmentally friendly funeral?
There are many factors that make a green funeral or eco-friendly burial, these include:

  • Biodegradable or eco coffin – these are made from materials that have minimal environmental impacts
  • No headstone or permanent memorial – this is to keep the site as natural as possible, with the exception of approved tree planting
  • Burial over cremation – cremation requires a lot of fuel and produces high levels of CO2
  • The body is not usually embalmed – this process of preserving a body requires chemicals that are not environmentally friendly when left in the ground
  • Minimal vehicles for funeral attendees cars have a negative impact on the environment, so try and carpool where possible to reduce your carbon footprint

What are eco coffins?

An eco-coffin is a biodegradable coffin that has been designed so that it can easily compose in the ground. They are usually made from:
  • Cardboard/recycled paper
  • Willow
  • Bamboo
  • Wool
  • Wicker
  • Banana leaf

Can you use a headstone at a green burial?

Permanent markers, such as headstones, are forbidden at most green burials because they do not blend with the natural environment. Instead, friends and family are encouraged to find environmentally friendly ways of marking the final resting place of their loved one. These may include:

  • A memorial post – a single wooden post with an inscription of your choice
  • Living memorials – a plant or tree dedicated to someone’s life and legacy
  • Obelisk – a beautiful wooden monument
  • Memorial plaque – a wooden plaque with an inscription of your choice

Alternatively, some natural burial grounds have a map to help the bereaved find the location of their loved one, while others like to consider the entire site as a memorial to their loved one.

What happens at a woodland burial?

Unlike a traditional funeral, woodland burials are considered more flexible. They don’t follow a conventional agenda, nor do they require hymns or religious readings – unless you wish. With a natural burial, there are no expectations, giving you the freedom to carry out the ceremony according to your friend or family member’s wishes.

Here are some ideas for the ceremony:

  • A memory walk – you can leisurely wander through the woodland site, ending at the burial plot of your loved one
  • A simple service at the burial plot – friends and family can recite poems, read meaningful book extracts or recall happy memories of the deceased
  • A traditional indoor service – some burial sites have a building or centre where a more traditional-style service can be held
  • Outdoor wake – some sites offer special areas such as yurts, large tents or gazebos for a wake

One of the main appeals of a woodland funeral is its flexibility. As long as you follow the site rules, generally focused on protecting the site, you can create a memorable ceremony that’s personal to you.

What is the average cost of a green burial?

Much like a traditional burial, green burial costs vary depending on location and the site itself. On average, a green burial plot can start at a few hundred pounds and go up to several thousand pounds – this is usually a one-off purchase and requires minimal upkeep.
Additional costs may include:

  • A coffin – a ‘Simple Cardboard Coffin’ can cost as little as £400
  • Gravedigging or interment fee – this can differ between burial grounds but is usually between £300-500
  • A memorial tree – this can be used to mark your loved one’s final resting place, prices vary depending on the type of tree but can cost upwards of £300
  • A funeral celebrant – this is the main host who officiates at the service: a civil celebrant, member of the clergy, family member, or friend
  • Venue hire (if applicable)

For detailed costs and more information about green funerals and woodland burials in your area, please contact your local funeral directors where our dedicated team will be happy to discuss our eco-friendly funeral services.

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For more information, please contact your local funeral directors where our dedicated team will be happy to discuss eco funeral and woodland burial service.

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